Cornish Organic Brie Available From
• Good Independent Retailers
• Sainsbury's
(selected stores on deli)
• Waitrose (selected stores
on deli and pre-pack in most stores)
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Cornish Organic brie

Cornish Organic Brie is handmade at our Cornish creamery. We use the finest natural ingredients and take pride in sourcing all ingredients locally wherever possible. The result is a delicious mild and creamy flavour and melting, smooth texture. All of the ingredients used meet organic requirements and the creamery is managed to organic standards. Ideal for the cheese-board, in a salad, sandwich or for grilling.

The cheese is manufactured within the scope of the Soil Association Organic Standards. Available as 1kg or 2.6kg deli whole cheese or pre-pack: 1.54kg fixed case containing 8 x 192g pieces.
cornish organic brie