Gevrik Available From
• Good Independent Retailers
• Sainsburys (speciality range)
• M&S soft goats cheese
• Tesco (selected stores)
• ASDA (some SW stores)
• Waitrose (selected stores)
• Co-op (selected stores)
**If your store has not got Gevrik...
ASK them to get it...they
nearly always can if asked**
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Gevrik is a full fat goat's milk cheese made in Cornwall. It has a clean and fresh taste with a wonderful nutty flavour. It develops a creamy, melting texture as it matures. It is made using 100% English goats milk sourced from our own regular supply farms.

Gevrik is a healthy and versatile cheese. Weighing in at a convenient 70g they are ideally sized for individual portions.

Ideal for the cheese-board, in a salad, sandwich or for grilling. Available as 8x70g or 14x70g fixed weight cases.